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The Short Version

FROM: Los Angeles, CA


SMILES AT: re-watching rom-coms, penguins, to-do lists, new books (There's a solid chance she's currently traipsing through a Barnes&Noble)

FROWNS AT: the laundry she is currently procrastinating doing, key signature with too many flats

The Long Version

Lauren is a New York-based actor, singer, and dancer originally from Los Angeles, making her quite literally a valley girl (No, but actually, I like, totally am). She graduated with her Musical Theatre BFA from LIU Post in May of 2023, and in the year since, made her National Tour debut in How The Grinch Stole Christmas as "Boo Who", followed by making her Off-Broadway choreographic debut with My True Love: A Perfect Musical Fairytale at The Players Theater.


Upon first meeting, Lauren exudes a bubbly magnetism, but wait a little while longer and you’ll see this is grounded in the sense of depth and daring. Lauren loves to bring this duality to her characters in what can only be best described as: adora-badass.


More than anything within her work, Lauren takes pride in being a storyteller. Her interdisciplinary technical background allows her to embrace the stories she’s telling beyond just technique. She strives to portray truth while never leaving out the passion and joy behind it all.

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